Monday, March 2, 2009

Holly Roberts

When asked how she got into cycling, she replies, "I used to cycle as a kid, for transportation, to go see my horse. I then picked it back up a few years ago, thanks to a friend who gave me her old hybrid bike. She was on a race team, and I helped the team with things and thought, "I want to race. This looks fun!". And, well, 4 years later, here I am, still racing, but mostly, still having fun!" What does Holly consider her greatest cycling achievement? "Starting to race at the (race) age of 40, and subsequently being able to upgrade to a cat 2. Given the deep talent pool of female racers in Northern CA, that's a pretty significant accomplishment."Second in her list of memorable accomplishments is surviving the Mt. Hood Cycling classic in 2006, whilst racing with a concussion!She adds, "I have the greatest dog, Bette Davis. She loves to wear the team's jersey and proudly represents. I work as a QA engineer for one of the LGBRC's sponsors, Postini. Saving the world from spam, one email at a time..." "My cycling goal this year is to get some really good results for the team, and to continue to improve as a racer on the road, track and mountain bike!"